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Decatur honored 14 Hometown Heroes in 2011 for contributions made to the Decatur community.  Hometown Heroes are those volunteers who work, often behind the scenes, to make the City of Decatur a better place to live, work and play.  They are nominated by people in the community and are judged by professionals who work with volunteers on a regular basis and do not know the nominees.

Decatur started its Hometown Hero program in 1996 at the close of the Hometown to the World Festival held during the Olympics.  The 14-day festival was a success because of the hundreds of volunteers who helped – we couldn’t have done it without them.

At the close of that festival in 1996, the City Commission honored the volunteers and created the Hometown Hero awards.  With this year’s presentations, Decatur has designated 245 Hometown Heroes.

If you want to see all of them, visit Decatur City Hall – we have their group photos and names framed on what we call our “Wall of Heroes” on the wall next to the 1st floor stairs going down to the City Commission Meeting Room.

Congratulations to this year’s Hometown Heroes:  Alan Ashe, Marc Brennan, Roger Bryant, Jodi Dick, Daniel Flores, Walter Kellar, Lori Leland Kirk, Louis & Sandra Rice, Susan Riley, Mark Sanders, Melissa Stratton, Seegar Swanson and Kyle Williams.  Click here to read more about them and their contributions to our community.

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I have seen all of the Hometown Hero presentations since the first one in 1996 and everytime I get chills.  We have now honored 205 people who have given extraordinary amounts of time and effort to make our community a better place to live, work, and play.  And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

These are folks who don’t necessarily receive accolades and recognition for their efforts – they do it quietly and behind the scenes and we benefit enormously.  This year the City Commission presented 18 Hometown Hero medals and you can read their profiles on Decatur’s webpage.

In the meantime, check out their photo with the City Commissioners at the award ceremony and see if you can pick out them out:  Ann Berg, Carl Black, Erin Braden, Herb Chereck, Mike Curtice, Laura Deming, Jim & Matthew Dickson, Scott Drake, Ron & Kathleen Everett, Spencer Johnson, Chuck & Charlie Lewis, Nonie Ravenberg, Rhett Rhame, Jerry G. White, and Janie Yorker. 

Way to go Hometown Heroes – you rock!


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