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According to the website www.seatcheck.org, 7 out of 10 children in child safety seats are not properly buckled in. Luckily, the City of Decatur Fire Department has trained technicians who are available to perform safety checks on your child car seat and booster seats. Stop by Fire Station #1 or #2 between the hours of 1 PM and 6 PM daily for a free safety check. You may want to give them a call to make sure they are not out on a call. The numbers are 404-373-5092 for Station #1 and 404-378-7611 for Station #2.

In addition, the Fire Department will be holding three Car Seat Events during the upcoming year: Saturday, March 27th at the Callaway Parking lot, Saturday, May 22 at the Callaway Parking lot and Saturday October 8th at McKoy Park. Watch this blog or check the upcoming editions of the Decatur FOCUS for  more details.

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